SAFe DevOps training/workshop

Work in teams to map your current pipeline, throughput and quality.

SAFe presents the best DevOps practices, your teams work out how these can help you improve your DevOps pipeline.

What is the training/workshop about?

A core component of SAFe is the construction of one or more delivery pipelines for product development. These pipelines are aligned with the Valuestreams in the organisation. SAFe tries to optimize the flow of value creation by optimizing this pipeline. For software development products, SAFe uses DevOps.

In this collaborative workshop, we map the current flow of value creation in product development in your organization and then investigate, in groups of 3 to 6 people, how  to improve this flow, based on best practices described in SAFe DevOps. As a result of the workshop you will have an actionable list of prioritized improvements in your development pipeline.

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The SAFe CALMR approach to DevOps

This is the SAFe view on DevOps. 

  • A Culture of Shared responsibility: software can only generate value for the customer if it is operated in a secure and reliable environment

  • Automation of the pipeline increases speed and reliability, allowing frequent delivery of small enhancements to the product

  • We focus on Lean Flow and accelerate delivery, reducing the timeline between idea and availability for the customer

  • The delivery of new features and the adoption by the customers yields very valuable information about the product and about the customer. This information needs to be available to many different groups in your organization.

  • Recovery stands for the construction of a robust and reliable technical environment, where damage from failures and glitches is minimized through preventive measures and fast responses

Together, these elements collaborate to create an environment focused on creating value for the customer and maintaining a high level of service and value delivery.

The SAFe DevOps Health radar

An important part of the SAFe devOps training/workshop is constructing the SAFe DeOps Health Radar. During the workshop, we examine the different main sectors of the SAFe pipeline:

  1. Continuous Exploration

  2. Continuous Integration

  3. Continuous Deployment

  4. Release on Demand

For each sector, we go in detail into the best practices in each of the four sub-sectors and participants are invited to score their own performance in that area. 

Based on actual throughput time and quality in their own organization, participants get an idea of the potential benefit of the introduction or improvement of their practices in each sub-sector. This helps greatly in creating an improvement roadmap for the DevOps implementation in your organization.

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The training

ADJUGO periodically organizes public training sessions (check out our  training calendar ).

The DevOps workshop is probably most valuable as an in-company workshop, where different teams can give their view on the current state of the development pipeline and can come up with an improvement plan based on their collaborative effort. Such bottom-up improvement plan automatically has a high level of buy-in and will be easier to implement than a top-down plan.

More on thSAFe DevOps training.

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Work in teams to set up a better DevOps environment.

Deliver value to your customers, fast and reliably.